A-Game Drops Video for ‘Airplanes’

July 14, 2010

I gotta admit it – I REALLY like the vibe of  Toronto’s twin rap duo A-Game.  ‘Go Head Shawty’ was a certified banger last summer and could easily go toe-to-toe with anything being released state side. The video was mad cute too!  This time around, A-Game is flying high with ‘Airplanes’ –> a big chune which even comes with a dance! LOL!  The song has been out for months, but they just recently dropped the video and are determined to go in with heavy artillery.  Produced by T-Minus (same producer for their first single and the master behind Ludacris’ mega hit ‘How Low’), the track has been blazing up charts and getting plenty of airtime.  The team is currently in the studio working on their PilotModeMuzik EP which is due fall of this year which sees production from Boi 1da, Bass Line, T-Minus, Megaman, & Tone Mason.  We’ve had them as guests on the show a few years back, and they’ve definitely stepped their game up and developed so much as artists since then.  Stay tuned because I have a strong feeling that we’ll get them in the booth at DD Radio before the end of the summer. In the meantime, check out the video and listen to the song!

Airplanes (Directed by Aaron A) Download Link:
Airplanes (Directed by Aaron A) Youtube Link:



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