J Shiltz Reps from East to West on Louder Remix ft. Notlam & Grimace Love

July 8, 2010


Truth be told most DJs can get upwards of 100 new singles in their email every week, possibly even daily. But every now and then we get a little surprise in their inbox from a complete stranger, and fortunately for me this was one of them.  The original version of Louder by Toronto’s own (by way of ‘Sauga) J Shiltz did indeed catch me by surprise, and it was a good one. Produced by Kev Brown, the track had that laid back nonchalance often associated with Kev’s signature production style, and J Shiltz also went in on the mic –> I was hooked from the first listen, which for me is pretty rare.  On the Lancecape remix, Shiltz goes in heavier to match the griminess of beat, and it’s a match made in aural heaven!! Bring in Notlam and Grimace Love (Go Scarborough!!!) and there’s no way this one can lose on either side of the city.  I’m amped to get J Shiltz on the show, sooner rather than later, so stay tuned for details on that!! Real heads already know that it’s MegaCity hip hop at its finest… do you??  Listen and find out: http://www.zshare.net/audio/78113670c1ca9b72/ 

For more info on J Shiltz, check out his Myspace Page at www.myspace.com/jshiltz

Peace and Enjoy!!


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