Wolf J MacFarlane – RE’GrizZ (Grizzly Bear Panda RMX)

July 7, 2010


I gotta say that I LOVE it when artists think outside the box – yes, even that is a bit cliche, but when someone is labelled a hip hop artist and decidedly does the unexpected, well, it could either flop hard, or simply be a great idea.  Fortunately Wolf J. MacFarlane falls into the latter category.  Although his name is already on the lips of music fans in the know,  he’s on my list of ones to watch for the stretch of 2010-2011. Dropping teasers here and there, he’s prepping himself to be in the next group of artists on the cusp of something fabulous –> watch & see. I’m also really impressed at the fact that artists like him aren’t afraid to bend the boundaries of what hip hop is today.

Produced by Le Petit Prince, the track is a remix of “Grizzly Bear Panda” off the UpsideDownDay mixtape he dropped earlier this year.  His artwork is always eye-catching too – love it!! Undoubtedly multi-talented, you can get a deeper feel for what he’s all about by checking out the mixtape in full: http://wolfj.bandcamp.com/album/upsidedownday-tapemix  And of course, peep the remix single for yourself and get at him while you can: wolf_j7@msn.com 

Enjoy! http://www.sendspace.com/file/8wtjgz (DJ PACK)


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