Intimate & Interactive: Open Mic with a Twist!

June 29, 2010

Had a crazy and hilarious interview on last night’s edition of DD Radio with Erik Flowchild and the incomparable Tika Simone.  Been dying to get both of them on the show for a minute and discuss all things music, but the main reason for their visit was to talk about Intimate & Interactive – a new Open Mic night starting THIS Friday (July 2nd) – but this one is with a twist.  Not only will artists have the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd with host/hype woman extraordinaire, Mz. Simone, but audience members will have a chance to ask the artists questions – talk show style!! A quasi bootcamp PR training session, the artist will no doubt get some invaluable lessons from the experience, and the audience is guaranteed a rare opportunity to be entertained and educated about some of the city’s hottest artists. Upcoming performers include Andreena Mill, Solitair and many, many more!!

Shouts out to Tika Simone for this brainchild, presenting a much needed forum to showcase the amazing talent the city has to offer.  Running every Friday throughout July and August at Lambadina Lounge (875 Bloor Street West, 2nd Floor), you have no excuse not to attend at least one!!  Erik Flowchild is the first artist up to bat so don’t miss out on what folks will surely be talking about for a hot minute!! For more info, hit up the team directly at


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