Another Fat Thursday Remix: E3

June 25, 2010

So, it’s been a few YEARS since I heard from E3, and I can’t lie — his track ‘Mus Be You’ is still on my iPod because I love it when he plays the keys. Plus he has the voice to match and music runs in the family –> his father is a well-known keyboardist/musician too. So it was a very welcome surprise when I saw this FT Remix in my Inbox.  Rory Lavelle on the keyboard and Kenny “Bounce” Neal on the bass.  Shouts out to the whole Fat Thursday team (DJ Fase, Scam and Phat Tony) –> quit the teasers and come out with a full length album, already!! I’m just sayin’ 🙂  — Here’s hoping that we can hear some more amazing music from E3 too!!!

Check out this Fat Thursday remix of E3’s Last Resort (which I must agree, was very much slept on!!):

All versions are CLEAN/RADIO Friendly.

Remix… Listen & Download Link
Instrumental… Listen & Download Link

DJ PACK MP3 320 


Listen to and/or download more music and remixes by FAT Thursday @

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