Ludacris’ “Conjure” Now Available in Canada!

June 22, 2010

While many of you may be anxiously awaiting for the arrival of Ciroc in Canada, ATL’s Ludacris took over Toronto today to promote his new liquor, Conjure.  In town since Sunday night, Luda’s been doing the rounds at clubs and at the LCBO’s head office to sing the praises of the adult beverage. The fact that you can legally drink at the age of 19 in Ontario makes it that much more appealing.  And let’s face it, when you look as cute as Luda, who really cares what it tastes like?!  Some lucky fans even got to catch up with Luda in the flesh (see the pic above!!)….  Conjure is available in 700 LCBO stores across Ontario.  Man, if I could include sipping cognac as part of my 9-5, I’d be pretty damned happy too!! LOL!  Oh yeah – and don’t forget to peep the mixtape if you can find the bootleg purchase a copy… Enjoy!



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