Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!! Sound Battle Royale

June 21, 2010

Round 1 — June 17th @ The Augusta House

What do you get when you combine the creative energy and highly competitive nature of up and coming producers with technology? Throw in some of the hottest Toronto-based producers of the moment, a la Tone Mason (yeah, all 3 members in 1 spot!!), and Rich Kidd, and you have the makings of a very exciting night. 

OK, so I won’t hold it against the attendees for getting distracted by the television sets in the place – it was the final game of the NBA Finals, (and you already know how much of an edge-of-your-seat game that was), so the event didn’t start until well after midnight, but the game did add an extra dose of electricity (and testosterone) into the air.  8 contestants were matched up in rounds dwindling down to the final two competitors – Fresh Kills versus EQ.  Now – I’ve heard so much about EQ over the weeks leading up to the competition, and Kills came through DD Radio a few weeks ago with my fam, King Jus.  Both producers are awesome – I truly have an all new respect for producers as artists – that ish is hard and requires far more patience than I think I’m able to conjure up.  Lucky for me I got a front row seat to witness the intense battle.

Not your average Beat Battle – SBR takes the idea of competition one step further.  Competitors were not only judged on their own original beats, but they were critiqued on their ability to flip a sample (which they received about a week before the competition), their capability of getting a crowd reaction AND being able to do a remix of a secretly pre-selected acapella – LIVE. On the spot – in front of a crowd. Talk about pressure!!! 

All the true headz came out to support – shouts out to MindBender, Gee Wunder, Rez Digital, Tara Muldoon, Chain Gang, Bozack Morris, and more who were in the spot and gave mad love to the producers and your girl who held it down on the 1s and 2s that night 🙂

Needless to say, this is EXACTLY what I needed to see to get me amped for Round 2.  I’m trying to convince the organizers to have a WWF-type belt created for the winner of the entire contest so the winner can flaunt that along with the $1500 grand prize cheque – not bad!!!  For more info on Sound Battle Royale or to find out how YOU can enter the competition, check out www.soundbattleroyale.com –> part 2 is coming up on July 15th.


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