Ski – Doin’ it 4EVR (Remix)

June 18, 2010

So, one of my fav MCs is back after a long-assed hiatus with some sweet chunes.  Ski (formerly known as Fatski), has been blazing it up on the underground airwaves for a minute, and when he sent me the original version of 4EVR Young a few months ago, about an hour before I went to my show, I just dropped it (I don’t think it was even fully mixed at the time), but that’s how we got to deliver the exclusive on that one.  Needless to say, it was followed by phone calls from listeners asking “Who is THAT?!?”.

Ski dropped the ‘Fat’ but is still crazy. Some may label him eclectic but he’s definitely 100% hip hop.  Now, he’s teamed up with the Fat Thursday production team on the remix (DJ Fase, Big Tweeze & DJ Scam), so you know the track is on a next – next level!  Take a listen:

Official release from Ski ‘4EVR YOUNG (FAT Thursday Remix)… Another FAT Thursday Remix!!!

All versions are CLEAN/RADIO Friendly Remix… Listen & Download Link

 Remix Instrumental… Listen & Download Link

 Bare Bone Mix… Listen & Download Link


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