Eternia ft. Rah Digga & Rage, plus MORE Rah Digga!

June 7, 2010

OK – Eternia gets 3 gold stars for going in hard and continuously reppin’ for female MCs – not to mention raising the bar for how the world perceives Canadian MC’s. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know about Drake, but my girl has been holding the city down for years (even though she moved to NYC – no hard feelings, E!!!). So you can only imagine my joy when I saw this track that had not one, not two, but THREE of the hottest and most prominent female MCs to grab the mic and spit. The BBQ is Eternia goin’ toe-to-toe with Rah Digga AND Rage.  Each one goes in harder than the last, but you don’t have to take my word for it —> ENJOY!!



Oh yeah, remember that the EP also boasts the exclusive “THE BBQ” remix featuring Jean Grae & Tiye Phoenix, along with the “IT’s FUNNY” remix featuring Ras Kass. As Eternia bluntly states in “THE BBQ”: “cop the record now, before it’s a collectible!

The full album is available June 29th through Fat Beats Records – don’t sleep!!

And if that weren’t enough, Rah Digga dropped her newest single a few days ago, ‘This Ain’t No Lil’ Kid Rap’ —> you don’t really need a description do you? Just listen, meng! Oh yeah… and THIS JUST IN!! Dirty Harriet herself is paying a visit to the ladies @ DD Radio TONIGHT!!! Tune in for the scoop – CKLN 88.1FM or listen online at




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