Hello World!

April 22, 2010

I didn’t bother changing the title of this one – that pretty much encompasses my state of mind right now….

Sooo… after humming and hawing over this for months (literally!!) I finally decided to jump into writing head first.  Mainly because I get so many emails from up and coming artists – many from Toronto – who are working so hard to get the word out about their music, and I want to help beyond just giving some airtime during my radio show.  A few years ago I was the Toronto correspondent for Honey Magazine, but as I started playing out more and more, and getting involved with the community at large, that was one of the things I was forced to cut off my ‘To-Do’ List – simply because I didn’t have the time.  And of course I missed it once it was out of my life completely (Joni Mitchell never lie!)…

On a high note, Canadian music right now is booming – and I couldn’t be more proud.  It’s more than just Drake, Kardi and Bieber-Fever – it’s the up and comers (MCs, singers and producers) who are truly getting me excited about music again, and making me feel real patriotic in the process.  As you get to know me better, you’ll realize how much of a music fanatic I truly am – not just a hip hop head, but MUSIC.  Being connected to so many other DJs on a global level also means that I’m constantly being asked who else is on the come-up from Canada.  So hopefully I’ll be bringing some of those goodies, along with my general two-cents on certain things here and there, to the few folks who are nice enough read my scribbles. Which will hopefully be more than just my mom 🙂

Anyway – thanks for reading & enjoy!

PS: Yes – I know that the pic in the header looks nothing like me… I’m just setting up shop!!


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